Class 1

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  • Mrs Rebecca Barber

    Class One Teacher

  • Ms Sonia Watkinson

    Class One LSA

RNLI Visit

Class One had a special visit from Anne from the RNLI. She told us all about the RNLI and what they do, whilst also explaining what could happen if the weather suddenly changes at sea. Some of the children were able to try on some costumes too. The children learnt about the different flags that are used to keep people safe at the beach. We would like to say a huge thank you to Anne for coming into school to tell us all about what we can do to stay safe when the weather changes at sea.

Great North Air Ambulance Assembly

We had a visit from the Great North Air Ambulance and Miles the bear for a special assembly. We learnt all about what the Great North Air Ambulance does and some of us were able to try on a genuine Great North Air Ambulance flying suit. The children even had a photograph taken with Miles the bear.

Forest School

Class One enjoyed a lovely morning at Forest School with Mrs Gray. We would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Gray for a wonderful day and another big thank you to Isaac’s mum for helping us too. We had a fantastic time playing in the woods, decorating Pudsey Bear with different objects from the forest, building dens, creating our own Pudsey Bear bandanas, making houses for insects, eating special Pudsey Bear pancakes and even eating our hot school lunches from special trays in the forest.

All about Plants

We have been learning all about the structure of plants during science. We decided that we would plant some bulbs to discover the different things that plants need to stay healthy and to grow.  We were able to write our own ‘how to grow a bulb’ instructions too. The children really enjoyed this task and they have noticed that the bulbs have started to grow.

Weather Forecasters
We have taken on the role of weather forecasters by creating our own weather forecasts in geography. We were able to work as part of a team to use simple compass points such as, North, East, South and West to explain what the weather would be like in these areas. We used our knowledge of the countries and capital cities in the United Kingdom to decide which part of the country would get sunny, windy, rainy, thunderstorms or snowy weather.
'Big Me' Week
In English, we have been thinking about what we would like to be when we grow up. The children decided to work in pairs to interview each other about what they would like to be when they grow up and explained their reasons why. We recorded these interviews on an i-pad and attempted to show them during our ‘Big Me’ assembly, but unfortunately due to a sound issue we were unable to.
Making Gruffalo Crumble
After collecting apples whilst on our autumn walk last week the children decided to make their own 'Gruffalo Crumble' (apple crumble to you or I). They had to carefully follow the instructions to make their own apple crumble. The children were able to carefully cut the apples safely using the bridge technique, core the apples and use their fingers to mix together the flour, sugar, butter and oats for the crumble mixture. 
Stay and Share Day
Thursday 4th October was Stay and Share Day. The children were very excited for their parents and carers to join them on their learning journey in school. During maths, the children were learning all about the part, part, whole method and the different ways that they can add two numbers together to make another number. They were able to use practical objects to prove their answers too! Thank you all for coming along to visit. We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated the delicious treats for our Macmillan coffee morning.

Problems for the Plotters

We have been learning all about the Gunpowder Plot in history. Class One have been thinking about who the Gunpowder plotters were, whilst also thinking about how and why the Gunpowder plotters wanted to carry out their plan. We have learnt about how the Gunpowder Plot started and some of the problems the plotters encountered. The children were able to act out what the plotters may have talked about when they were planning the Gunpowder Plot and what they would have discussed after Lord Monteagle received a letter revealing their plan.

Dividing using Groups

We have been learning all about division. We have enjoyed using practical objects to solve division number sentences by working out how many countable objects we need and how many groups we will need to divide our total number of objects into. We then counted how many objects were in each group to solve our division number sentences.

Open the Book

As part of our Open the Book assemblies we have been learning about different stories from the bible. Some of the children from Class One were able to volunteer to be Noah’s three sons and their wives when learning about the story of Noah. The children were very proud of themselves and were excellent actors and actresses.

Multiplication and Repeated Addition with Arrays

We have been learning all multiplication and repeated addition. We have enjoyed using practical objects to make our own arrays to show our working out to solve different multiplication number sentences.


Chasing the Sun!
We have been learning all about shadows in science! We decided to make our own shadows and discovered the different ways that shadows can be made. We used our own opaque objects to create a shadow and investigated how the height of the object changed the shadow. We found that the tallest object blocked more light and made a longer shadow.
Taste testing our 'Gruffalo Crumble'
Class One were very excited to try their finished product. The 'Gruffalo Crumble' got a big thumbs up from the children, they were very proud of themselves and their end result. The children decided that they would share their 'Grufflalo Crumble' with the rest of the school as we had made more than enough for our class.

Our Autumn Walk

Our topic this term is changes. As part of our science work this term we have been looking at the four seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter. We have been learning about the different weathers associated with the seasons and how the day length varies during each season. 

During science this week the children went on an autumn walk to investigate the ways in which the world changes throughout the different seasons. The children found and collected lots of brown leaves from the trees, alongside apples which were ready to harvest. They thoroughly enjoyed this! We are hoping to use our apples to do some cooking next week.

The Gruffalo Hot Seating
Class One have been learning all about Quality Question Starters this week in English. The children had to create their own questions using Quality Question Starters for the characters from the story 'The Gruffalo'. The children all took it in turns to play the different roles of the characters to answer their questions as part of a hot seating task.