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  • Mrs Rebecca Barber

    Class One Teacher

  • Ms Sonia Watkinson

    Class One LSA

Reception and Class One’s Forest School Adventures
Reception and Class One both enjoyed Forest School today! We have been finding lost teddies in the forest, playing hide and seek with the teddies, making dens, collecting fire wood for the fire, eating toast and jam that we cooked ourselves and exploring the forest. The Year Two Secret Agents decided to work as part of a team to make a secret agent base. To enter the base we had to carefully walk down the path and avoid the lasers (sticks), if you stand on the lasers the alarms will go off. Reception and Class One played very well together and were extremely kind to everybody at Forest School. We loved having our lunch around the campfire. We would like to say a huge thank you to our parent helpers for coming along to explore the forest with us and a big thank you to Mrs Gray for organising such an exciting morning!
Telling the Time
We have been learning how to tell the time this week, we decided to go outside and collect our own minute hands and hour hands. We used these alongside some chalk to create our own clocks. Then we worked with partners to show different times on our clocks, such as half past, quarter past, quarter to, o’clock and different times to five minutes.
Fantastic Forest School
We love going to Forest School with Mrs Gray! We enjoy exploring the forest and completing lots of challenges. During our morning at Forest School, we had to work as part of a team to create our own dens, they had to be safe and cosy, just like the owl’s nest in the story ‘Owl Babies’. We made some amazing dens. Some of us tried to have a nap in them because they were just so comfy! We also made pizzas, they were delicious! Thank you very much for a fantastic day Mrs Gray, we are looking forward to our next visit.
African Dot Art
We have been learning about different African art styles throughout our ‘Amazing Acomb and Awesome Africa’ topic. We have really enjoyed using paint to create our own African dot art. We decided to use cotton buds to help us create small dots.

World Book Day

We loved dressing up as our favourite characters from different books for World Book Day. Class One had lots of busy book related activities to complete throughout the day, our parents and carers even had to join in with some of them! Thank you all very much for coming along to visit us, we hope you had a lovely time. In the afternoon we all moved around the school to complete different activities. In Class One we created our own exciting bookmarks! Mrs Barber laminated them to make sure that they were nice and strong so that we can use them when reading our favourite stories.


All Stars Cricket

We had lots of fun when ‘All Stars Cricket’ came to visit us. We were extremely tired after we had finished all of the great activities. We had to work together in four teams to complete different tasks, whilst also learning how to play cricket.



We’re going on a Bear Hunt with Reception!
We have also been on a very exciting bear hunt with Reception after reading the story ‘We're going on a Bear Hunt’, we even found a real bear! But we did think the bear looked a bit like Mrs Clarke hiding at the end of our bear hunt. 

Brownie Bear's Visit to Class One

We had a lovely visitor in Class One last week called Brownie Bear, who was very excited to come to visit school. The children were very happy to help Brownie Bear and taught her how to write, whilst also making sure that she had a home to live in and somewhere to sleep. 



Finding Information about Amazing Acomb

We have been working as part of a team in English to create our own questions about Acomb. We made sure that we had lots of very interesting questions about the things that we want to know about Acomb. We then worked with a partner to locate and highlight key information in different texts about Acomb to help us answer some of our questions.





Making Christmas Cards

We love getting creative in Class One. We decided that we would use glitter and paint to create our own Christmas Cards. We really enjoyed being able to explore different ways to combine glitter and paint. We also loved making our own Christingles too.

RNLI Visit

Class One had a special visit from Anne from the RNLI. She told us all about the RNLI and what they do, whilst also explaining what could happen if the weather suddenly changes at sea. Some of the children were able to try on some costumes too. The children learnt about the different flags that are used to keep people safe at the beach. We would like to say a huge thank you to Anne for coming into school to tell us all about what we can do to stay safe when the weather changes at sea.



Great North Air Ambulance Assembly

We had a visit from the Great North Air Ambulance and Miles the bear for a special assembly. We learnt all about what the Great North Air Ambulance does and some of us were able to try on a genuine Great North Air Ambulance flying suit. The children even had a photograph taken with Miles the bear.



Forest School

Class One enjoyed a lovely morning at Forest School with Mrs Gray. We would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Gray for a wonderful day and another big thank you to Isaac’s mum for helping us too. We had a fantastic time playing in the woods, decorating Pudsey Bear with different objects from the forest, building dens, creating our own Pudsey Bear bandanas, making houses for insects, eating special Pudsey Bear pancakes and even eating our hot school lunches from special trays in the forest.

All about Plants

We have been learning all about the structure of plants during science. We decided that we would plant some bulbs to discover the different things that plants need to stay healthy and to grow.  We were able to write our own ‘how to grow a bulb’ instructions too. The children really enjoyed this task and they have noticed that the bulbs have started to grow.

Weather Forecasters
We have taken on the role of weather forecasters by creating our own weather forecasts in geography. We were able to work as part of a team to use simple compass points such as, North, East, South and West to explain what the weather would be like in these areas. We used our knowledge of the countries and capital cities in the United Kingdom to decide which part of the country would get sunny, windy, rainy, thunderstorms or snowy weather.
'Big Me' Week
In English, we have been thinking about what we would like to be when we grow up. The children decided to work in pairs to interview each other about what they would like to be when they grow up and explained their reasons why. We recorded these interviews on an i-pad and attempted to show them during our ‘Big Me’ assembly, but unfortunately due to a sound issue we were unable to.
Making Gruffalo Crumble
After collecting apples whilst on our autumn walk last week the children decided to make their own 'Gruffalo Crumble' (apple crumble to you or I). They had to carefully follow the instructions to make their own apple crumble. The children were able to carefully cut the apples safely using the bridge technique, core the apples and use their fingers to mix together the flour, sugar, butter and oats for the crumble mixture. 
Stay and Share Day
Thursday 4th October was Stay and Share Day. The children were very excited for their parents and carers to join them on their learning journey in school. During maths, the children were learning all about the part, part, whole method and the different ways that they can add two numbers together to make another number. They were able to use practical objects to prove their answers too! Thank you all for coming along to visit. We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who donated the delicious treats for our Macmillan coffee morning.



Secret Agent Training

You’ll never guess what happened! The Secret Agent Services have been to our classroom and have asked the Year Twos to complete their Secret Agent Training (SATs) next week, they have been given a special booklet and training ID badges to wear too. We will carry out different challenges to prepare us to become secret agents. The training takes place in the form of two maths and two English challenges. We need to be able to use numbers in lots of different ways, to show that we can break codes and use measure, shape and directions for fieldwork and investigation. We must also be experts in reading, by searching for clues in a text to find out what a secret message says.

Measuring to Make Cakes
It has been a very busy week for Class One this week! We have been using our amazing maths skills to follow instructions to make our own yummy crispy cakes for our cake stall. We had to decide whether we should use a standard or non-standard unit of measure to weigh the ingredients. We decided to use grams as our standard unit of measure. We had to read the scales to make sure that we had the right amount of each ingredient and we were able to tell Mrs Barber and Ms Watkinson if we needed more, less or if we had weighed the right amount of each ingredient. We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the grownups who brought in cakes for our cake stall too.
Careful Capacity Work
We have enjoyed learning about capacity, we decided to go outside onto the yard to organise different containers from the emptiest container to the fullest. We also worked out which containers had the biggest capacity and how many millilitres and litres the containers could hold. We had to pour the water very carefully during this task to make sure that we were not wasting any water.

Learning about Length

Class One have had a fantastic time learning all about length in maths. We decided to measure the children in our class and create our own tables to record this information in. The children measured each other in metres, centimetres and multi-cubes and recorded this data in their tables. They then made their own scale bar chart showing the heights of the children in each year group.

Our Fantastic Trip to the Sill
Class One and Reception really enjoyed their visit to The Sill. We enjoyed learning about different animals and their habitats, creating our own animal masks and making our own stickmen in the rain. We loved exploring the exhibitions in The Sill too, lots of us were able to dress up as different animals. We would like to say a big thank you to the grown-ups who helped us on our trip.

An Aeroplane Adventure to Kenya

We have been on an exciting adventure to Kenya in Geography! We made our own passports, located Kenya on a world map and correctly labelled different parts of the country that we visited whilst on our adventure. Mrs Barber had to check our passports to make sure that we were ready to go on our plane journey. We learnt all about the different landmarks in Kenya and found out more about the animals that live in Africa.

 We’re going on a Bear Hunt!
In English we have been reading the story ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’. We went onto the field and worked in pairs to create our own lists of obstacles, adjectives and onomatopoeic words (sounds) to help us to plan our own exciting ‘Bear Hunt’ stories.

African Animal Silhouette Art

We have been exploring different ways to use watercolour paints. As our current topic is ‘Amazing Acomb and Awesome Africa’, we decided to use our watercolour paints to carefully mix the colours together to create an African Sunset. We then decided to make our own African animal silhouettes to add to the sunset.



2D and 3D shapes

We have been learning all about 2-D and 3-D shapes and their properties. The children went on a 2-D and 3-D shape hunt in the classroom and were able to correctly name the shapes that they had collected. They used their knowledge of shape properties to identify the number of vertices, lines of symmetry, edges and faces of each of the 2-D and 3-D shapes. The children also worked in pairs to play a game called ‘Describe the Shape’. The children had to describe different shapes using the correct properties, without revealing the name of the shape to their partner. Their partner had to find and name the shape that they were describing.

Multiplication and Arrays
We have been learning all about multiplication. We have enjoyed using practical objects to solve multiplication number sentences by using countable objects to create our own arrays. We also had to work out how many columns and rows we needed to help us to find our total number of objects. We then counted how many objects were in each column to solve our multiplication number sentences. Some of us were able to record the repeated addition number sentence to match our multiplication problems.


Problems for the Plotters

We have been learning all about the Gunpowder Plot in history. Class One have been thinking about who the Gunpowder plotters were, whilst also thinking about how and why the Gunpowder plotters wanted to carry out their plan. We have learnt about how the Gunpowder Plot started and some of the problems the plotters encountered. The children were able to act out what the plotters may have talked about when they were planning the Gunpowder Plot and what they would have discussed after Lord Monteagle received a letter revealing their plan.

Dividing using Groups

We have been learning all about division. We have enjoyed using practical objects to solve division number sentences by working out how many countable objects we need and how many groups we will need to divide our total number of objects into. We then counted how many objects were in each group to solve our division number sentences.



Open the Book

As part of our Open the Book assemblies we have been learning about different stories from the bible. Some of the children from Class One were able to volunteer to be Noah’s three sons and their wives when learning about the story of Noah. The children were very proud of themselves and were excellent actors and actresses. 

Multiplication and Repeated Addition with Arrays

We have been learning all multiplication and repeated addition. We have enjoyed using practical objects to make our own arrays to show our working out to solve different multiplication number sentences. 


Chasing the Sun!
We have been learning all about shadows in science! We decided to make our own shadows and discovered the different ways that shadows can be made. We used our own opaque objects to create a shadow and investigated how the height of the object changed the shadow. We found that the tallest object blocked more light and made a longer shadow.
 Taste testing our 'Gruffalo Crumble'
Class One were very excited to try their finished product. The 'Gruffalo Crumble' got a big thumbs up from the children, they were very proud of themselves and their end result. The children decided that they would share their 'Grufflalo Crumble' with the rest of the school as we had made more than enough for our class.

Our Autumn Walk

Our topic this term is changes. As part of our science work this term we have been looking at the four seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter. We have been learning about the different weathers associated with the seasons and how the day length varies during each season. 

During science this week the children went on an autumn walk to investigate the ways in which the world changes throughout the different seasons. The children found and collected lots of brown leaves from the trees, alongside apples which were ready to harvest. They thoroughly enjoyed this! We are hoping to use our apples to do some cooking next week.

The Gruffalo Hot Seating
Class One have been learning all about Quality Question Starters this week in English. The children had to create their own questions using Quality Question Starters for the characters from the story 'The Gruffalo'. The children all took it in turns to play the different roles of the characters to answer their questions as part of a hot seating task.