Welcome to Reception!
Check out this page to see what we have been up to in Reception Class.
  • Miss Stacy Eames

    Reception LSA

We have started a new topic on 'vehicles' as chosen by the children. So far we have been learning the names of vehicles, drawn vehicles on 2simple and tried a pen drawing of a bike. We have written information about a vehicle and played with different vehicles. We did a traffic survey outside of school and only saw 5 cars and 2 vans. We intend to do a survey at the bottom of the village to compare.
We have been learning about and exploring 3d shapes. We have made them from cubes, sorted them and named them.
We enjoyed making and eating pizza wheels!
We are always busy at Forest School. This time using peelers to whittle wood and we planted some snowdrops that Billy had brought.
5/3/19 We went for a trip to the Sill with Class one. We played games, shared a story, made masks and stickmen and walked on the roof!
7/3/19 We enjoyed dressing up as some of favourite characters for World Book Day. Some of our mums were able to come in and share a book with us. We spent the day in our nurture groups doing lots of different activities in all the classes.
This week we are saying farewell to Miss Eames who is taking time off to have her baby! We will miss her very much, but look forward to finding out if she has a boy or a girl!
We went for a walk to the park and had a play. It was very cold and frosty!
It was Reception's turn for the PTA cake stall, so we made butterfly cakes.
As part of our farm topic, we were looking at sheep. We looked at how wool can be used for weaving and the children were keen to have a go at some weaving themselves.
We performed our nativity with the whole school this week. It was called 'Christmas with the Aliens'. We were superstars!
This term our topic has been 'Traditional Tales'. We've looked at lots including 3 little pigs, Billy goats gruff, Goldilocks, the gingerbread man. We have done pictures, writing, making, and playing all based on these stories.
We have continued to work with numbers to 5. We know lots of ways to make 5, such as 2 and 3, 4 and 1, 2 and 1 and 1 and even 1 and 1 and 1 and 1 and 1!!
We love to play!
15/10/18 We have been thinking about what we want to be when we grow up, ready for our 'Big Me' assembly and day on Thursday. Can you guess what we would like to be from our amazing paintings?
We are practicing numbers to 5. Counting, recognising and ordering the numerals and the numicon to 5. We have been playing dice games and counting out from a bigger group.
This week we have been practising how to write our names. We have seen a huge improvement since week 1!
We had great fun collecting apples from the trees on our field. Some for eating and some for cooking! Archie brought some blackberries in, so we made a delicious apple and blackberry crumble. Yum!
More forest school fun!
It is great to get outdoors to play!
We have started our growing topic. We planted cress and enjoyed tasting it! We wrote some instructions about how to plant cress, using our 'bossy voices'. We created a garden centre role play area.
We are learning our number bonds to 10. We are also learning how to count on and back to solve addition and subtraction.
6/3/19 We visited Claire at Cogito books in Hexham to share some stories and spend our book day vouchers.
We have been learning about patterns in maths. We have started on AB patterns, continuing and copying them, finding errors in them and creating our own. Now we are looking at ABC patterns and will go on to learn about ABB and ABCD patterns! Samuel made a pattern that went around the whole table!
We have been practicing our jigsaw skills!
We went to see Robin Hood at the Queen's Hall. It was fab!
We have found out about and enjoyed some special times. We enjoyed painting fire works and finding out about Guy Fawkes. We made Halloween things and looked at the Hindu festival of Diwali. We remembered the soldiers who died, by making poppies.
We loved having the Air Ambulance visit us with their bear!
We helped to raise money for Children in Need.
We received trees from the Woodland Trust, so got busy planting them on our field. Our school was awarded the Bronze Green Trees Award. We are now working towards Silver.
We loved having our mummies here for the Macmillan coffee morning and having them visit our classroom.
We started our dinosaur topic this week.
We have been very busy creating Autumn art!