• Miss Lauren Dunlavy

    Reception Class Teacher

Welcome to Reception!
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This week, our book focus has been Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In Science, we decided to follow some instructions and make yummy porridge for us all to try. It was lovely with honey!

Cinnamon apples!

We have had a fantastic afternoon at Forest School this week with Mrs Gray. We got to cook apples with cinnamon on the fire and had a go at trying them. We took great care using the apple cutter and made sure we were very sensible around the fire.






The discovery of the dragon’s egg!

In Reception, we found a Dragon's egg in our classroom! The children thought carefully about how we could keep the egg safe, choosing to wrap it in a blanket and sing songs as well. At the end of the week, Mummy Dragon returned to take her egg back home. She left us a letter, thanking us for all our help with keeping her baby safe.






Wonderful water!

As part of Flood Safety Week, today we joined Class 1 to learn about the water cycle and about what happens to our water when it goes down the drain. The children drew fish around the drain covers to remind them to keep the fish in mind when they are pouring water away. 

Spectacular shapes!

This week in Reception, we have been looking at shapes and their properties. We went on a fantastic shape hunt around school and found lots of the shapes that we have been looking at. The children were very enthusiastic and showed their friends the ones that they could find. We also had an amazing maths lesson making our own shapes. We talked about how many sides the shape would have and how many sticks we would need to make them.