Mission Statement

Acomb First School Mission Statement


At Acomb First School we believe in the potential of each and every child in our school family. We wish to make memories and prepare all children for a future in an ever changing world.

Our aims are to;

  •        provide children with a high quality education in a caring and understanding manner within a happy, stimulating and secure learning environment.


  •        treat each child individually to achieve  best possible personal, emotional and academic development.


  •        care for and nurture each child’s mental and physical well-being


  •        help each child to develop academic and physical skills, knowledge, understanding and appreciation of others to the point where he or she can sensitively challenge new experiences.


  •         be aspirational  and aim high,   working  to maintain high standards with high expectations for both staff and children  


  •        encourage each child in the development of mutual respect, tolerance sensitivity and caring for others among the pupils, staff and community and the wider world and modern Britain.


  •        seek to develop within each child the wish to learn, the ability to learn for  themselves, and the willingness and enthusiasm to try something new.


  •         to develop confident, inquisitive and independent learners who have the mindset  to learn by trying, demonstrating resilience and perseverance


  •        to foster excellent relationships between the  school family  and larger community.


  •        to create and maintain a welcoming and secure  environment in which children, teachers, parents, governors and the community can work together to achieve these aims.




Our Vision

“The happiness and success of every child is at the heart of the school”

Our vision is 

  •          To achieve the best quality education, encompassing a culture of learning and discovery, for all children in a caring and stimulating environment that treats children as individuals on their journey to adult life.


  •           To provide a high quality community based school.



  •          To help children to fulfil their dreams, be independent, successful and happy adults who contribute positively to their community. 


  •          To provide high quality leadership, teaching and learning and care as we approach the 150th anniversary of the school in 2019. 


        Our School Values


  •          We welcome challenges.


  •          We respect others and work together.


  •          We take responsibility for our actions.


  •          We take pride in ourselves, our work, our school and our community.


  •          We celebrate our achievements and the achievements of others.


  •        We care for the environment.