Acomb Skills in partnership with Skills Builder

At Acomb First School we have our very own Acomb Skills which are worked on by all children in all classes. These skills are the eight essential skills for life from Skills Builder. The children have chosen famous icons who demonstrate each individual skill well. Below is a list of the skills and the famous icon who we believe demonstrates this skill well.
Skill Icon
Listening Malala Yousafzai
Speaking Rosa Parks
Problem Solving Steve Backshall
Creativity Charlie Mackesy
Staying positive Jill Scott
Aiming high Nicolas Hamilton
Leadership Greta Thunberg
Teamwork Ant and Dec
Each month we have a whole school focus on one of the skills. All of the staff look carefully to see which child in each year group is an amazing ambassador of that skill. At the end of the month, we have a special Acomb Skills assembly where the winning children are presented with special certificates and their achievements are recorded in our Acomb Skills Book for all to see!