What do the school council do?

The school council have a very important role at Acomb First School. They meet fortnightly with Miss Williamson. At these meetings they can make suggestions about how to make our school even better, they discuss upcoming events, they are sometimes given a project to work on. The school council members represent and share the views of their classes to ensure everyone has a voice. 
The school council team have worked really hard since September. They have created their own action plan which you can see below of things that they want to work on and develop in school. They are a driving force in school, implementing effective changes and reviewing their work constantly. 
Last year, in the summer term, the school council worked on their first project with Miss Williamson - to improve playtimes. Miss Williamson gave the school council a budget, they then researched a range of ideas which they presented to their classes and then took feedback from their classmates before returning to Miss Williamson with their final orders. The play equipment has been a huge success and playtimes are much more fun and active now and there is still more equipment to be delivered! Their first project has been a huge success - well done school council!