Who are our school council?

Our school council members are elected in a democratic vote at the beginning of each academic year.  Everybody in the class has a chance to put themselves forward for this important position.  Each candidate needs to prepare a speech which includes information about what qualities they have that would make them a good school council representative and what ideas they have about making Acomb First an even better place to be.  Everyone then gets a vote and the results are announced in an assembly. 

Each school council representative wears a badge and is issued with a note book to write down any ideas or notes. The school council meet fortnightly to discuss a wide range of issues. 

Keep an eye out for the addition of this year's school council team, they will be added to the website shortly.

Congratulations to all the school councillors for this year!

Year 1

Raven  Frazer  Elijah

Year 2

Hugo  Anna  Charlie

Year 3

Rory  Sophie  

 Year 4

Cody  Scarlett  Sofia  Jacob




So far this term have worked with Miss Williamson to:
  • Make a school council action plan
  • Collected ideas and views about clubs offered in school
  • Created a reading questionnaire for the children to complete
  • Collected and delivered all of the Harvest donations to the local food bank