Who are our school council?

Our school council members are elected in a democratic vote at the beginning of each academic year.  Everybody in the class has a chance to put themselves forward for this important position.  Each candidate needs to prepare a speech which includes information about what qualities they have that would make them a good school council representative and what ideas they have about making Acomb First an even better place to be.  Everyone then gets a vote and the results are announced in an assembly. 

Each school council representative wears a badge and is issued with a note book to write down any ideas or notes. The school council meet fortnightly to discuss a wide range of issues. 


Congratulations to all the school councillors for this year!

Year 1

Jacob  Elodie

Year 2

Elijah  Raven

Year 3

Isaac  Hugo

 Year 4

Emelia  Skye




Last year the School Council have worked with Miss Williamson to:
  • Make a school council action plan
  • Collected ideas and views about clubs offered in school
  • Created a reading questionnaire for the children to complete
  • Collected and delivered all of the Harvest/Christmas donations to the local food bank
  • Organised and ran a healthy tuck shop
  • Bought new playground equipment
  • Organised a uniform swap in July
Our new school council have already worked with Miss Williamson to:
  • Decide which local, national and international charities we will support this year
  • Support the tuck shop each week 
  • Feedback ideas from their classes about how we can improve our school.