A big thank you to the PTA for their continued support. lt makes a big difference to all children.  

During 2016-17 so far  the PTA have helped finance  the Christmas pantomime visit  and paid for The Puzzle Company to visit the school during games and puzzle  week, amongst other events.

The monthly year group cake stall competition has been  a  great success. Thank you to the year group parent representatives for organising these.

  Please  do become involved in the PTA experience needed...just enthusiasm!  It is sociable and a good way of meeting other parents as well as benefiting the children through fundraising.  Please do ask Mrs Speed or PTA chair Katie for details.

Regular events include 

Childrens disco 

Spring  fair   21st May 2017 11.00am -1.00pm

Summer BBQ

After  school  Easter Bingo afternoon

Class cake stalls

Freezy Friday stall.